Three Food Spots to Visit in Cincinnati | Downtown Cincinnati Photographer

A few months back I took a little road trip to Cincinnati for the first time. Let me just tell you, it did not disappoint! From the energy of the city to the fantastic company, I absolutely loved my first experience in this place.

But onto three food spots to visit in Cincinnati! First on the list…

Holtsman’s Donut Shop.

This should be a no brainer for anyone that knows me. I love donuts. Holtsman’s has the best ideas for their donuts.. and they did not disappoint! The only disappointment is that they’re not next door to me, which realistically is probably a good thing for my health.


Second spot to visit in Cincinnati: Taft’s Ale House

Now I’ll be brutally honest… I wasn’t a fan from a brew snob perspective. I wanted to love it, but I just didn’t. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t my favorite. Now for atmosphere and food? YES! I absolutely loved it all.



Last but certainly not least: Urban Artifact

It could be the fact that I love pizza and sours.. but this place was bomb. I’ll also be a little more biased because I happened to come on a night that they had live music based on the 90s. I mean, come on now! Also… Christian being the extrovert that he is made us some friends and managed to convince them to play a few games with us while I tasted flights of their gose and sours.

I thought it was so cool that this spot happened to be under a church. You can literally hang out at a picnic table drinking a beer next to the building. It’s wild!



That’s it for this round of brews and food! Stay tuned for many more!

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