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I had my first official wedding as the main photographer, how exciting! It was just a small family wedding, maybe 2 hours of coverage, but it felt great to finally take care of something on my own. Now to the bad part…

Cameras are not perfect, although we would like to think so. Well, my poor canon 5d took a turn for the worst right before my first senior session and I wasn’t able to do it! It also happened to be the weekend before I was covering my first wedding, and two weeks before my due date! I had to get it sent in and found out that the shutter life had reached its max capacity. Thankfully, I was able to use another photographer’s stuff but it was such a bummer having to downgrade and not use the gear I had been using for a few months!

Long story short, I had a second shooter available since I was due to have my little man a week after their wedding, and ended up having to use her camera due to my camera being in repair. Such a mess! Thankfully, I was still able to photograph their wedding, and little man didn’t decide to show up early!

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