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Today is all about this waterfall engagement photo session in Dublin with Cam and Kayla! I can’t believe this gorgeous spot is in the suburbs. Like, what?! My mind was blown as we were driving to the location. I couldn’t believe that smack dab in the middle of this suburban area there would be a gorgeous waterfall but… it’s true. I have pictures to tell the tale too!

I still can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we saved Cam and Kayla’s wedding date, and we were finally able to get together in person for their engagement session. Time seriously flies. We had originally planned to do an outdoor engagement session in Cincinnati, but naturally there was a calling for major thunderstorms there. Normally we could just reschedule, or grab umbrellas and get romantic, but with Cam getting ready for med school, our time was super limited. (That’s a totally different long story, because Cam ended up getting accepted to a local school and we are all super excited!!)


Anyway, more on these two cuties soon, let’s see those pretty pictures!



How we met:

Cam and I met during undergrad at Wright State University. We had mutual friends and on Halloween of 2014 we both showed up at the same place. I walked right up to him, introduced myself, and we’ve been together ever since!

He waited a couple of months to ask me to be his girlfriend. I remember walking into my apartment and seeing a note and a new dress laying on my bed, the note said to be ready by dinner time. When he came to pick me up, he had flowers and chocolate and asked me to be his girl. When we got into his car to go to dinner, he had our song, Thinking Out Loud, ready to play as soon as the car started. That song is the one we will dance to on our wedding.


How he asked:

We were long distance for a year when I moved away for grad school and wanted to plan a vacation for just us. We picked Charleston, SC and booked a hotel for 4 days. On our second day, we went to Boone Hall Plantation. I was so excited because this is where The Notebook was filmed, and it had a beautiful driveway with these huge trees I wanted to get a picture of. We asked this couple to take our picture under the trees in the driveway and a few seconds into our picture Cameron grabbed my hand, turned towards me, his eyes were watery, and he was pulling a box out of his pocket. I could not breath. He got down on his knee, asked me to marry him, and I was speechless. I literally was so happy I could not answer him! He had to ask again, and I finally nodded yes!

Since we met in undergrad, we have been to countless formals, traveled all over together, graduated with our bachelors, went on to masters’ degrees, moved cities, spent many holidays together, took in two cats, and have seen our closest friends get married. One part of our relationship we value a lot is traveling to new places together. That has been something that just months into our relationship we started to do and has become very important to us. Even if it’s to a new city around Ohio, or a beach 15 hours away, our favorite memories come from that.


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