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If I’ve learned anything since starting wedding photography, it’s this: keep a details bag!

It’s the little things that will make a wedding day run smooth! So what exactly is a details bag you ask?! It’s a bag that contains the important things that matter to you, or the important things you’ll be wearing! Keep both the bride and groom’s rings inside, the jewelry you’ll be wearing, that detailed item that was passed down to you, the invitations, literally anything you can think of that you don’t want missed!

Why do I recommend this? Because it’s far easier to hunt down one bag with all the nicknacks in them than it is to be asking you (or friends and family nearby) what items are sentimental to you for this big day, and most importantly, WHERE in the world they are! The last thing a bride wants to be worrying about during the start of her big day is where everything is, she should be focused on relaxing with her beautiful hair and makeup getting done! Save some time (and any added stress) on your big day by having a details bag set out the day before.

This might make me sound like a stickler, but I really just love organization! I know that a lot of little things can make time run out faster, so the more little things we have in line ahead of time, the better! Not to mention, it makes it easier for me to put together a pretty details layout for your wedding album if everything is set up in one location from the start.

Here’s a little preview of some detail shots that can be done when there is time in the morning wedding prep, and everything is organized in a pretty little details bag! I say morning wedding prep because this is the most relaxed time period of the day. The more details I’m able to capture during this point in time the better, because the rest of the day will be focused on candids and portraits! It’s time to celebrate your big day with the man or woman of your dreams!


Let’s Recap!! What should you have in your wedding details bag?!
– both sets of rings
– accessories
– invitation set
– any sentimental items pertaining to your day
– wedding shoes
– any leftover floral pieces from vendor



How gorgeous are these babies?! Check out who helped make these details possible:

Design & Floral: Bloom & Blueprint Event Company

Coordinator: KDP Events

Venue: SoHo63

Veil Designer: Bel Aire Bridal

Bride’s Earrings: Everything Angelic Bridal Jewelry

Wedding Rings: Robbins Brothers The Engagement Ring Store

Invitation Suits: Paper & Posies

Silk Ribbon: Silk & Willow

Ring Boxes: The Mrs. Box


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