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My second paid shooter wedding I assisted with was maybe a weekend after my first one. This was such a great experience for me because the main photographer put me in charge of doing some portions on my own! I was able to capture some of the guys getting ready, along with getting the groomsman formal pictures taken. This wedding was a wonderful learning experience for me and definitely gave me the confidence in shooting a wedding on my own.

After being a second shooter for about five weddings, I know a great deal of what goes into the wedding as a photographer. I’m so thankful to have worked with such wonderful photographers that have contributed to my growth as a wedding photographer myself!

Anyway, this bride and groom were wonderful! I’m so glad I had the chance to work with them. They have a precious little girl as well. Which brings me to their ceremony. I loved the chalk board that they had at the ceremony because it was so personal about them! It had the dates of all of their firsts, from first date, first child, first home, and date of their wedding. I loved it.

Once we arrived at the reception, my eyes immediately focused in on the centerpieces. Absolutely adorable!! The colors were wonderful, and I adored the simplicity of them. But, on to the important stuff! Pictures!! 🙂

J+J Wedding Prep

J+J Wedding First Look

J+J Wedding Ceremony

J+J Wedding Reception

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