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You’re planning your wedding day. Sweet! But now you’re wondering about the wedding party. Should you have a wedding party? What are the roles of the wedding party anyway? What is the bridesmaid or groomsman for? Is it okay to have a groomswoman? A bridesman? There are so many questions running through your head right now, and I’m here to help!


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So, what are the roles of the wedding party?

Maid (or man) of Honor.

The MOH is the go to for bathroom break help, and all things wedding planning. Think of the MOH as the cheerleader and extra help for the bride throughout the wedding planning and detail prepping. This is usually a sibling, family member, or someone you’re the closest to.  They’re typically the person in charge of the bachelorette party planning and bridal shower. This person will be standing next to the bride at the alter. Holding the bouquet. And holding onto the ring for the bride’s soon to be spouse until it’s time to exchange rings. If toasts are included during your wedding reception, they’ll also be the key person sharing in the speeches.


Bridesmaids (and Bridesmen).

The rest of the bride’s cheerleaders. They’re going to be helping keep the energy positive throughout the wedding planning process, and on the wedding day itself.


Best Man (or woman).

This is going to be similar to the maid (or man) of honor. They’ll be calming the wedding planning waters. Planning the bachelor party, and holding the other spouse’s ring during the ceremony until the ring exchange. The Best Man and MOH are generally the chosen people to sign as a witness for the marriage license as well. This person will also be sharing in the speeches if a toast is had during the wedding reception.


Groomsmen (and Groomswomen).

Meet the rest of the groom support. They’ll be making sure the groom has a nice cigar, and has his drinks topped off throughout the wedding day. Some of them will be in charge of ushering Grandma or the moms down the aisle during the wedding ceremony as well.


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Curious about the true tradition of the bridal party?

Believe it or not, bridesmaids were brought in to confuse evil spirits so they wouldn’t know who was getting married. Another tradition was shared from Roman times when the woman needed to protect the bride getting married as she was getting delivered to the groom’s village. Interesting right?!


What are your thoughts on the wedding party now knowing the original tradition for having them?





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