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When people think of the desert, they often don’t picture the images seen from my bridal session at Papago Park. They don’t typically envision beautiful trees, huge bushes, or awesome boulder formations. Well, contrary to popular belief, the desert is full of greenery. However, we have our own sense of the word. Papago Park is a beautiful hiking location in Phoenix, Arizona where people can visit the Hole in the Rock, rock climb, or take a pretty stroll through the open dirt trails. I love this location because it’s perfect for any type of adventurer. The terrain has a mix of easy to moderate, to extremely steep trails. But, if I haven’t piqued your curiosity yet, I have a feeling the images I’ll be sharing with you will make you super excited to come explore!

This past weekend, a fellow wedding photographer friend and I visited a local flower shop to pick out an arrangement of flowers to build a simplistic bouquet. I picked a combination of peach daisies, maroon dahlias, white snapdragons, along with some italian ruscus for a filler. I then found some beautiful muslim wrap to use around the bouquet instead of a lace, burlap, or silk. I just thought it blended with the arrangement so much better! For this bridal session, I think I just wanted an excuse to have some pretty flowers sitting in my home, if I’m being honest! Anyway, I picked out the flowers that I felt would go together best, and Hannah put them together into a beautiful bouquet arrangement. Since I was out volunteering my time at Relay for Life in Central Phoenix the rest of that afternoon, I wasn’t able to help with the designing. So, when she sent me a short clip of the arrangement she made, I was so ecstatic! She totally blew it out of the water.

In addition to making a beautiful bouquet, Hannah did her hair exactly how I was asking! I am such a huge fan of braids, and she totally rocked the double braid that I recommended. She is truly such a doll, and I was so happy to have her as my bride for the morning. I love this industry I work in! I love that wedding photographers can collaborate with one another, and build each other up in a community, instead of treating one another as competition.

We aimed for an early morning bridal session at Papago Park to grab some pictures with the bouquet at a pretty location. I’m honestly super stoked with how all of the images turned out. I also officially decided that I will be purchasing a step stool, finally. I always forget to pick one up, but borrowing one on Sunday made me realize just how awesome they can make an image look, while adding a new angle!

Now for the reason why you are all truly here:


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