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Jennifer is the amazing lady behind Wildly Cultivated, North Carolina Wedding Florist! I was able to watch her work the other day, and just wow… Getting to admire Jennifer and her natural way of creating these gorgeous arrangements is so relaxing! You can tell by watching her create just how second nature designing really is for her.

She mentioned to me that she’s always enjoyed putting together arrangements. Growing up with a farm that had a ton of flowers really brought her closer to this once hobby now dream job! Even after moving to different apartments, Jennifer has always loved owning her own little garden.

While living in Germany, Jennifer would have a miniature garden on her patio or near windows, wherever she could place them! Now that she owns Wildly Cultivated, her biggest dream is to be able to grow her own floral garden over the next few years, just like she had as a kid.

One thing I love about Wildly Cultivated is the subscription plan that she’s made available! For a set rate, you can have a handmade floral arrangement brought to you once or twice a month for a few months or longer! How cool of an idea is that? Not only do you get to have pretty flowers at your house regularly, but you don’t have to pick them up from the store! You can buy directly from a small business owner!

This is one of the Wildly Cultivated subscription arrangements, and it’s seriously just the cutest!


Here’s a little video I put together:




FLORAL USED (and terms in non-florist terms thanks to Wildly Cultivated!)

Large medium pink flowers // Romantic Antike Garden Rose
White flowers with black centers // Anemones
Bluish purple and lavender flowers // Hyacinth
Smaller round blush pink flowers // Ranunculus
Small ruffly pink-beige flowers // Carnations
White Tulips
Greenery // Eucalyptus and Italian Pittosporum

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