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Hello wonderful readers! I just took a Wilmington day trip, so what a fabulous time to share some of my favorite images from this day! The last time I ventured off to Wilmington was probably the fall of 2009, my first and last time visiting. Back then, all I owned was a camera phone and a point and shoot camera. To say my skills have advanced since that trip is a definite understatement! It was so exciting to visit this beautiful town again after such a long block of time passing.

Since I was going to be visiting North Carolina for a little over a week, my friend Johanna (a fellow wedding photographer) and I decided that we needed a day trip to Wilmington while I was in town. It was seriously the perfect getaway, and my son had an absolute blast with the waves! We spent a few hours relaxing at the beach and taking some photos of one another, then headed out to Downtown Wilmington for some delicious food and a nice break from the sun.

While our Wilmington day trip was short lasting, it was a well deserved, and well enjoyed, trip to the beach! You can tell from the pictures that my little man had a ton of fun as well! From splashing in the water, to my son almost eating a crayon, I would say we had a super successful day in Wilmington yesterday!


In these photos:
– My son

– Johanna of Johanna Dye Photography

Pilot House


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