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Remember how I started a Travel Thursday blog series and completely disappeared from existence?! I’m back! Today is all about a Zurich, Switzerland day trip! It goes hand in hand with my Voula, Greece trip found here!!

To start, I have to say that I hadn’t actually planned my destination to be Zurich, Switzerland when I was preparing for this short weekend trip. I was originally planning my trip to Athens, Greece for a three day sight seeing adventure in Voula! Well, as I was booking my flight, I saw a few layovers for a place called Zurich. I decided to look it up on Google and… HOLY GORGEOUS! I had to go. I ended up finding a flight delay on my way back to Nurnberg that was a 6-8 hour layover. I thought this was the perfect amount of time for me to get off my flight from Greece, grab the 10 minute underground to the town of Zurich, and do some exploring before heading back to my next flight. I thought right!

I think it goes without saying that this was the most beautiful flight layover I’ve ever had, and the only layover I’ve purposely planned in my entire life! Everything about my Zurich Switzerland Day Trip was just a dream! From the gorgeous lake and rivers, to the rolling hills and greenery! I’m also such a sucker for the European architecture that I knew this would be the perfect place to just stroll around for a few hours and snap some photos with my little point and shoot camera.

Whenever I look back on these photos, I’m constantly so thankful that I had a camera! I do get into my moods where I wish so badly to have had my professional camera though, and the technical skills I have now! While any picture is better than no picture, I find so many photos I’ve taken that I KNOW would have looked so much more incredible with my manual photography skills I have now! Some day I will return to Europe though, I just know it!

On this day trip, I spent a very short amount of time upon arriving to visit the local Starbucks. I’ve visited a Starbucks in every European city I’ve ever visited, and I so so so wish I would have collected their mugs when I did! I had no idea it would be so hard to find them once returning back to America, and how expensive they would be, but I should have known!

I always went to Starbucks because of their WiFi! I knew I would be able to check in and update my friends and family if I stopped in one of their locations. They’re the only non-local place I ever visit when arriving in a new country or city! I try to do as many things similar to the locals as possible after my trip into Starbucks, it just kind of became my routine!

The rest of this trip, I just took a stroll around the surrounding area, got on random buses, walked down random streets, and eventually stopped for lunch with one of the most beautiful city overviews I’ve seen! I don’t really have much else to share about my day trip except that Switzerland is by far my favorite country I’ve ever been to! One of the biggest reasons is because of a snowboarding resort I went to, which I will share with you in the months to come!


Enjoy these photos!!

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